Economic Contributions

FWC Economic Contributions

Category Economic Impact Jobs
Hunting $1.6B 14,673
Freshwater Fishing $1.7B 14,040
Saltwater Fishing $13.2B 109,341
Wildlife Viewing $4.9B 44,623
Total $21.4B 182,677


Boating Industry Contributions

Category Economic Impact Jobs
Boating Industry(2008 figures) $16.8B 202,743

Sources: "2011 National Survey of Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife-Associated Recreation," U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; "Hunting in America – An Economic Force for Conservation," 2012, Southwick Associates, for National Shooting Sports Foundation and Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. "Sportfishing in America – An Economic Force for Conservation," 2012, Southwick Associates, for American Sportfishing Association; "Florida's Recreational Marine Industry – Relative Growth and Economic Impacts," Thomas J. Murray and Associates, Marine Industries Association of Florida.

Seafood Industry Contributions (with imports)

Category Jobs Sales Value-added
Seafood Commercial Harvesters 6,028 $396 million $166 million
Seafood Processors & Dealers 4,819 $774 million $294 million
Importers 44,018 $12.1 billion $3.7 billion
Seafood Wholesalers & Distributors 10,403 $1.2 billion $592 million
Retail 16,873 $2.1 billion $789 million
Total** 82,141  $16.6 billion  $5.5 billion

**Economic impacts of the commercial fishing sector and seafood industry refer to employment (full-time and part-time jobs), personal income and output (sales by Florida businesses) generated by the commercial harvest sector and other major components of the U.S. seafood industry, including processors and dealers, wholesalers and distributors, grocers and restaurants.

Source:  “Fisheries Economics of the U.S.,” 2012, National Marine Fisheries Service.



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