Office of Licensing and Permitting

Bill Hunter, Director
2590 Executive Center Circle, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32301

The Office of Licensing and Permitting (OLP) is the central point in the FWC for customers to quickly and efficiently obtain licenses and permits. Annually, OLP issues more than 2.3 million recreational fishing and hunting licenses and permits through the licensing systems at more than 800 agent and tax-collector locations, on the Internet and by telephone. In addition, more than 2 million licenses, permits and tags for commercial saltwater and freshwater fishing and captive wildlife possession are processed through OLP.

OLP budget summary

Funding Source FTE FTE salaries Other costs
MRCTF   $605,375 $779,092
SGTF               $322,725 $2,211,107
CARLTF   $54,540 $121
Total operating   $982,640 $2,990,320
Fixed capital outlay   $0 $0
Total budget 21.0 $982,640 $2,990,320

Glossary of funding sources

FWC Facts:
Documented vessels without a valid state registration must obtain a Florida registration and display the decal on the port side of the vessel when using Florida waters.

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