Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the stakeholder group?

The FWC will be forming a stakeholder group that is representative of the various segments of the non-motorized boating communities.  All meetings of the stakeholder group will be posted on the FWC calendar and interested members of the public can attend.

How do I stay informed about what is going on?

FWC will continue to post presentations from the quarterly meetings as well as meeting minutes on this website.

What is the timeline for this effort?

We will work with this technical assistance group in determining what issues to pursue and on developing solutions to those issues, for example developing suggested guidelines for hand launches.  We anticipate this work to last up to a year.  Our intent is to continue to work with non-motorized boaters permanently.

FWC Facts:
It is against the law to damage seagrass beds in some areas within state waters. Fines are based on the economic & environmental importance & costs of assessing, repairing damage.

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