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Ridge Rangers are currently gathering thousands of scrub oak acorns, and we’ll be potting them at upcoming festivals like Boktoberfest and Highlands Hammock State Park’s CCC Days.  The potted acorns will then be maintained in the native plant nursery at the FWC Royce Unit for the next six months, and the sprouts planted next summer by Ridge Rangers in scrub restoration areas on the Lake Wales Ridge… hopefully resulting in great habitat for endangered species like gopher tortoises and scrub jays!

This habitat enhancement project is also financially supported by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund External Website. Disney’s commitment to promote the happiness and well-being of kids and families is dependent on protecting the planet for future generations. Not only are we committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, but we also work to leverage funds and expertise to help conserve nature and inspire kids to build lifelong conservation values.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Project Acorn Status

Earlier this fall, Ridge Rangers gathered over 13,000 select scrub oak acorns. We took this acorns to several community festivals, where over three hundred attendees helped us screen and pot acorns … about 5,000 so far!

More scrub oak acorns are being potted by Ridge Rangers in the native plant nursery at FWC Royce, where they will all be maintained until the sprouts are planted next summer in damaged scrub oak habitat.

We’ll be planting some acorns directly in the damaged habitat on Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 – come join us! Vew more information and sign up.

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