Captive Wildlife Permits

Permit applications and related information

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Class III, No-cost Personal Pet Permit

Class III, for Exhibition or Public Sale License

Class II, Possession for Personal Use License

Class I and/or Class II, for Exhibition or Public Sale License

Importation, Temporary Possession of Class I, II, III

  • Import Permit Information
  • Application and Permit PDF Document (used for temporary possession, transportation or importation of wildlife for education, commercial, non-commercial or rehabilitation purposes)
  • Temporary housing requirements must be met as stated in Rule 68A-6.005, F.A.C.
  • Possession requirements must be met as stated in Sections 379.374, 379.3761, and 379.3762 Florida Statutes.

Class I / II Wildlife & Venomous Reptiles

  • Must have one of the following licenses to possess or transport Class I/II Wildlife or Venomous Reptiles in Florida: 
  • License to Possess Class I and/or Class II Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale (ESA/ESB)
  • License to Possess Wildlife for Personal Use (PPL)
  • License to Possess or Exhibit Venomous Reptiles and/or  Reptiles of Concern (VRC)
  • Possession of Class II personal pets require a PPL, regardless of duration of stay
  • Companies that strictly transport/import must apply for ESA/ESB/VRC
  • Employees of facilities licensed in Florida must have Special Authorization while transporting Class I/II wildlife or venomous reptiles.

Class III Wildlife

  • Documentation of experience is required for Capuchin, Spider, & Woolly monkeys as stated in Rule 68A-6.0022, F.A.C.
  • Personal Pet questionnaire required for Class III wildlife requiring a permit for possession and if being possessed as a pet only

Possess or Exhibit Venomous Reptiles and/or Reptiles of Concern

Wildlife and Migratory Bird Rehabilitation


Hunting and Blanket Hunting Preserves

Game Farms



For More Information, please contact:
Division of Law Enforcement, Investigations Section
620 S. Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

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