License Free Fishing Days

Take a friend fishingFree fishing days provide an excellent opportunity for parents who don't yet have licenses to take youth fishing, or avid anglers to introduce a friend to fishing without having to purchase a license. On these days, the fishing license requirement is waived for all recreational anglers (residents and non-residents).

All other rules (e.g., seasons, bag and size limits) apply. 

  License-free freshwater days for 2014

  • Saturday, April 5
  • Sunday, April 6
  • Saturday, June 14
  • Sunday, June 15

License-free saltwater days for 2014

  • Saturday, June 7
  • Sunday, June 8
  • Saturday, September 6
  • Saturday, November 29

The saltwater waiver applies to any recreational harvest requiring a saltwater fishing license (e.g., crabbing, lobstering, scalloping, etc.) as well as fishing from shore or a boat. A snook or spiny lobster permit are not required on these days.

The June free fishing days were chosen because they coincide with the first and last days of National Fishing and Boating Week External Website which is set as the first to second Saturday in June each year.


License-free freshwater days for 2015 and beyond

  • First Saturday and Sunday in April
  • Second Saturday and Sunday in June

License-free saltwater days for 2015 and beyond

  • First Saturday and Sunday in June
  • First Saturday in September
  • Saturday following Thanksgiving

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