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Fish of the Week - Mahogany Snapper  Mahogany Snapper 

Lutjanus mahogoni


  • Grayish-olive with a reddish tinge.
  • Conspicuous dark spot, about the size of they eye, below the soft dorsal fin, ¼ to ½ of it below the lateral line.
  • The large eye and caudal fin are bright red.
  • Lower margin of the preopercle has prominent spur with strong and sharp serrations.

Similar Fish: Lane snapper, L. synagris.

Size: To 3 pounds (15 inches).

Habitat: Nearshore or offshore in clear water, usually over reefs.

Notes: The Spanish name, ojanco, refers to its large eyes; a night feeder, with diet of smaller fishes.

Art by Diane Rome Peebles

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