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Does the ivory-bill still exist?

December 20, 2010 

Adult ivory-bills measured 19 to 21 inches, were bluish-black in color and had white markings on the neck, sides and back, resembling a white saddle.  

FWC, partners rescue cold-stunned sea turtles

December 17, 2010 

Working with staff from county, state and federal agencies as well as volunteers, FWC biologists helped to coordinate the rescue of hundreds of sea turtles this week. 

FWC finds lost hunters in hard-to-reach places

December 17, 2010 

During the past 3 months alone, FWC law enforcement officers have been called out more than a dozen times to search for overdue hunters in the agency's 12-county Northeast Region 

Bay County man fined for shark fin, shark meat sales

December 17, 2010 

A Panama City Beach man has been found guilty on 13 charges in Bay County Court for illegally selling shark fins, shark meat and king mackerel.  

FWC rescues young manatee from chilly waters

December 16, 2010 

Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute rescued a young male manatee in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.  

Increased fatalities prompt FWC to reach out to boaters

December 15, 2010 

So far, there have been 76 boating fatalities, a 24-percent increase from this time last year.  

Scared to death: Opossums play possum

December 15, 2010 

Backyard Safari: When an opossum is scared, its body shuts down and the animal goes stiff, with its teeth bared, and saliva drips from its open mouth. 

Eggs saved, bald eagle pair encouraged to relocate

December 14, 2010 

A pair of bald eagles that nested in a light stand at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota is being encouraged to look for a safer place to re-nest.  

Waste Pro continues efforts to keep bears out of trash

December 13, 2010 

Keeping garbage out of the paws of bears has been a little easier for some folks in Franklin and Wakulla counties in the Panhandle, thanks to Waste Pro. 

Atlantic snook harvest closes Dec. 15; catch and release still OK

December 13, 2010 

The recreational harvest of snook will close in all Atlantic coastal and inland waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, beginning on Dec. 15. 

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