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Roads closed on Hickory Mound for culvert replacement

News Release

Monday, February 01, 2010

Media contact: Dan McDonald, 386-758-0525

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) closed several roads Friday on the Hickory Mound Unit of the Big Bend Wildlife Management Area in Taylor County.

The closed roads include:

  • that portion of Swartz Tram lying east of Cow Creek Grade,
  • Murphy Tram,
  • Cannon Grade,
  • Tram 9S,
  • Tram 4S,
  • Possum Tram and
  • Tram 1N.

Culverts on these roads will be replaced as scheduled. According to FWC officials, the culverts now in place will be removed to allow the water to scour the area for subsequent culvert replacement.

"During this time, roadways will be impassable and threaten public safety," said Matt Pollock, regional biologist at the FWC's Lake City office.

The FWC scheduled the road closures until Feb. 13.

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