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Gulf gag grouper sport season reopens Sept. 16

News Release

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Media contact: Aaron Podey, 850-487-0554

The recreational harvest of gag grouper in all Gulf of Mexico waters off Florida, except Monroe County, reopens Sept.16 for two months. This season will allow anglers in both federal and state Gulf waters an opportunity to harvest gag grouper. The gag grouper season has been closed in state waters since June 1 and in federal waters since Jan. 1.

During the open season, from Sept.16 through Nov.15, recreational anglers may keep two gag grouper within the four-grouper aggregate daily limit in all Gulf waters off Florida except Monroe County state waters. The minimum size limit for gag grouper in these waters is 22 inches total length.

These harvest dates for gag grouper apply in 2011 only. More information on grouper management is available online at; click on "Saltwater" and "Regulations" then "Groupers."

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