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Angling ethics, common sense linked

February 01, 2013 

They contribute to every angler’s safety, success and enjoyment, as well as the future of our sport. 

Lake Istokpoga nursed to lunker locker

January 03, 2013 

The 28,000-acre lake in Highlands Co. yielded an estimated 1,000 bass topping 8 lbs. in less than a year. 

Holiday gifts for the nature lover

December 03, 2012 

A few suggestions for the angler on your list. 

The ‘if only,’ ‘got one’ and future of TrophyCatch

November 02, 2012 

3 stories from the FWC's new angler-recognition program. 

Black Bass Management Plan off to great start

October 02, 2012 

Implemented 1 year ago, the plan is producing remarkable results. 

Trophy bass tagging study already revealing

September 10, 2012 

In 6 months, 21 percent of tagged trophy fish have been caught; 83 precent of those were released alive. 

ICAST and Uncle Homer’s legacy

August 06, 2012 

ICAST - the largest sport-fishing industry tradeshow in the world - was in Orlando in July. 

Angler-recognition revisited

July 02, 2012 

Watch for changes in the Big Catch program in July, and a new TrophyCatch program in October. 

June an outdoor extravaganza – No excuses; Get Outdoors Florida!

June 01, 2012 

June is Great Outdoors Month. 

Hatchery bass making a difference in Florida

April 30, 2012 

Fisheries biologists often refer to a 3-pronged approach to fisheries management: habitat, fish and people. 

Showing 21 through 30 of 32 articles in the Fish Busters' Bulletin columnPrevious  /  Next

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