Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


Internships and Volunteers

FWRI offers both internship and limited volunteer opportunities. FWRI interns are college-level students or post-graduates who spend a semester working with a mentor to obtain career guidance and experience. FWRI volunteers provide general assistance to FWRI for a variable period of time.

Internship Opportunities

Read about internship opportunities with the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Internship FAQs

Do you have questions about FWRI's internship program? Find the answer here.

Internship Criteria and Protocols

Detailed procedures and criteria for internship applicants and mentors.

Applying for an Internship

Application materials can be submitted by mail or electronically.

Coastal Wetlands Research Internship

This new program is looking for interns to assist with laboratory tasks, field research projects, and the development of outreach materials.

Fish and Wildlife Health Internship

The Fish and Wildlife Health intern will assist research staff in St. Petersburg.

Fisheries Research Internship

College students and recent graduates with a focus in marine science or a related field may apply for this internship with the Fisheries-Independent Monitoring program in Apalachicola.

Manatee Internships

Manatee interns participate in manatee and boater interaction research, boater education on the water, and boater education on shore.

Red Tide Offshore Monitoring Program

Learn about the program and how to become a volunteer, collecting water samples around the state to help scientists monitor the Florida red tide.

Right Whale Internship

Intern to assist with right whale research in northeast Florida during the winter.

Specimen Information Services Collection Intern or Volunteer

Primary responsibilities are: assisting with various collection tasks related to maintaining biological specimens and attendant data according to museum protocols, taxonomic identifications, and support of ongoing projects by FWRI scientists.

Stock Enhancement Research Internship

Interns interested in marine aquaculture assist hatchery biologists with the propagation and rearing of red drum, spotted seatrout, zooplankton, and phytoplankton.

Stock Enhancement Research Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help with outreach and education events at the Stock Enhancement Research Facility, located at Port  Manatee.

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