2007 Research Spotlight Archive

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Paintede bunting. Photo by Deanna Dawson.
Photo Credit: Deanna Dawson

Tarpon Genetic Recapture Study
January/February 2007
(PDF file: 544 KB)

A Beach Survey of Reproductive Activities of Horseshoe Crabs in Tampa Bay
March/April 2007
(PDF file: 960 KB)

Eastern Painted Bunting Population Assessment and Monitoring
May/June 2007
(PDF file: 704 KB)

Improving the Manatee Synoptic Survey
July/August 2007
(PDF file: 736 KB)

Tracking Snook Populations in Florida Bay and the Florida Keys with the Help of Local Anglers
September/October 2007
(PDF file: 672 KB)

Harmful Algal Blooms-Red Tide Offshore Monitoring Program
November/December 2007
(PDF file: 896 KB)

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