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Data and maps are available for download from this section. Data from these projects are available in shapefile format.

Florida Freshwater and Tidal Stream Fish Distribution Mapping: Phase I - Panhandle

This project employed Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and modeling software to generate maps of the potential habitats for 55 species of freshwater fish known to occur in Florida's panhandle region.

Florida Stream Habitat Classification

This project developed a statewide stream habitat classification GIS data layer that is necessary for identifying existing and potential habitats of aquatic species.

Mapping Threats to Florida Freshwater Habitats

This project assembled statewide data layers representing 10 uncorrelated individual threats to Florida's freshwater habitats and created a composite index of the threat data layers to determine relative condition of freshwater habitats within Florida.

WETMAAP: Wetland Education Through Maps and Aerial Photography

At WETMAAP workshops in St. Petersburg, educators trained in methods to study coastal wetlands. These teachers and coordinators left the training with resources and knowledge to develop wetland teaching exercises for their future students.

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Biologists estimate 10,000-14,000 sturgeon live in the Suwannee River. Adult populations in other Gulf Coast rivers range from a few hundred to about 2,000.

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