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Ecowatch - Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Portal
Semantic discovery and access to data & information resources...
An ecosystem represents an extremely complex environment requiring interaction between diverse groups of stakeholders - each brings their own knowledge to the table, represented as discreet terms of reference. This discovery portal attempts to provide an infrastructure to manage terms of reference as knowledge structures and facilitate the association of data and information resources against them.

Ecowatch Web site

Metadata Enterprise Resource Management Aid (MERMAid)
Web-based tool to develop, validate, manage, and publish metadata records via secure internet access hosted by NOAA's National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC).

MERMAid Web site

Gulf of Mexico Alliance, Governors' Action Plan
The Gulf of Mexico is the ninth largest water body in the world, accounting for half the wetlands in the United States and teeming with sea life, ranging from killer whales to unexplored deepwater corals living thousands of feet below the surface.
Governor's Action Plan II (PDF 2.64MB)
Governor's Action Plan - Español (PDF 360KB)

Gulf of Mexico Alliance Web site

Florida Ocean and Coastal Council
The Florida Oceans and Coastal Council (FOCC) was created by the 2005 Legislature through House Bill 1855. The Council is charged each year with developing priorities for ocean and coastal research and establishing a statewide ocean research plan.
FOCC's Annual Research Plan FY '10-'11 (PDF 786KB)

FOCC Web site

GulfBase is a database of resources about the Gulf of Mexico.

GulfBase Web site

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Florida's American shad are the smallest on the East Coast of the United States. In Florida, shad average 2 to 3 pounds; the state record is 5.19 pounds.

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