Florida Benthic Habitat Atlas

The Benthic Habitats of the Florida Keys atlas represents the culmination of a six-year federal and state effort to map the distribution and types of benthic habitats within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Benthic Atlas cover image

The Benthic Habitats of the Florida Keys atlas contains 32 color maps depicting the benthic habitat types at a scale of 1:51,500. In addition to showing the locations and extents of different habitat types in the Florida Keys, the atlas provides a brief description of the Florida Keys region, summary information on the extents of the ecological habitats by subregion, and a detailed description of each habitat type. For purposes of organization and presentation, the Florida Keys are divided into three regions: the Upper Keys, the Middle Keys, and the Lower Keys and Dry Tortugas.

The associated datasets are available via a zipped shapefile as well as a Google Earth-compatible KMZ

This material and other related datasets can also be obtained from our Marine Resources GIS Data Downloads Web page and our Quick Maps website.

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