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Sociogeographic Characterization and Assessment

Scientists in the Center for Spatial Analysis address natural resource allocation and strive to help decision-makers better understand resource-allocation needs.

Scarring of Florida's Seagrass: Assessment and Management Options

Propeller scarring, one of the fastest growing types of marine habitat degradation, is caused by motor boats traveling in waters shallower than the draft of the vessel. A statewide assessment was completed to document the extent of the problem.

Boat Propeller Scar Damage - Greater Charlotte Harbor

An assessment of extent and severity of boat propeller scars in seagrass habitats in Charlotte Harbor. Data compiled by the FWRI in a 1995 report found that Charlotte Harbor has been one of the most severely scarred areas of Florida.

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Long-term tagging research has helped scientists to understand the life history of snook.

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