Florida Bay Fisheries Habitat Assessment Program (FHAP)

The Florida Bay Fisheries Assessment Program is a project designed to assess the distribution and status of Florida Bay fisheries habitats in which seagrasses and microalgae are present.

DiversThis project has been devised to provide an assessment of the distribution and status of vegetated fisheries habitats (seagrasses and macroalgae) in Florida Bay. The mass mortality of turtlegrass within the Bay and the more recent widespread water-column turbidity may have far-reaching consequences on the habitat quality and restoration potential of this important ecosystem.

Status and trends data gathered during this study are necessary to separate natural ecosystem fluctuations from changes that result from anthropogenic activities. In addition, this study will provide baseline data to evaluate the response of the macrophyte community to future management or restoration activities, such as proposed modifications to freshwater delivery into Florida Bay.

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