Aucilla Wildlife Management Area

Aucilla River
David Moynahan

Within the 50,471-acre Aucilla Wildlife Management Area are two rivers offering abundant recreational opportunities. Canoe or kayak on the Wacissa, one of the most pristine rivers in North Florida. Stop to swim or snorkel in one of the many springs that feed the river.

In the spring you'll find hardwood hammock islands covered with zephyr lilies and wild iris. In the late summer scores of swallow-tailed kites gather in the cypress along the river before their migration to South America for the winter.

Hike along the Aucilla Sinks Trail beneath a canopy of oaks, hickory, and magnolia. You'll pass sinkholes and caves created as the Aucilla rises and falls, disappearing underground and resurfacing. The extensive river floodplains provide excellent food and cover for deer and other wildlife.


FWC Facts:
Over 200 species of birds migrate between their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada and their wintering areas in Mexico, Central and South America or the Caribbean.

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