New decals are designed and created each year in preparation for the manatee Voluntary Contribution Campaign. As these decals help to raise money for manatee recovery around the State of Florida, your contribution to this cause is appreciated.

Now available at Florida Tax Collector offices
2013 - 2014 Living with Florida Manatees (Viviendo con los manatíes de La Florida)
Artwork by Mike Hunter, FWC 

The official manatee Voluntary Contribution Campaign began during the June boat registration period in fiscal year 1992-93. Chapter 327.25 (7), Florida Statutes, states that a registrant who provides a voluntary contribution of $5.00 or more shall be given a sticker or emblem by the tax collector to display, which signifies support for the Save the Manatee Trust Fund. Prior to this time, donations were received under the Manatee Donation Campaign and no decals were issued to show the donor's support.

Current year manatee decals are available at Florida County Tax Offices. These decals are given to individuals who donate $5.00 or more at the time of vessel or vehicle registration.  The donations from the manatee decals support manatee research, rehabilitation and educational programs.

FWC has a limited supply of some of the earlier decals. We would like to offer them to individuals who are interested in collecting them. Please indicate the decals you would like to obtain by checking the appropriate area on the order form and sending a check for the number of decals selected.  The decals will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks.


Living with Florida Manatees

The manatee decal this year celebrates a significant milestone in Florida’s history—the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s arrival on Florida’s east coast.  This European explorer gave Florida its name “La Florida” – land of the flowers and planted the first orange trees on the continent.

Well before Christopher Columbus reported “mermaids” in the New World and Ponce de Leon landed in Florida, tribal groups had learned to use manatees for food, tools or other products.  Evidence of the manatee’s native existence in Florida is found in tribal middens (garbage heaps) throughout the state.

Up until 1893, Florida’s new residents and visitors hunted and consumed manatees until their numbers neared extinction.  A law was passed to stop the hunting practice, which eventually led to Florida’s manatee conservation efforts.

Today, 500 years after Europeans reached Florida, you have the opportunity to continue the conservation stewardship efforts for one of Florida’s unique native species—the Florida manatee. Your donation to the Save the Manatee Trust Fund supports research, education and management needs to conserve Florida’s state marine mammal.  Thank you for your support.

For more information, please review "A boater's guide for Living with Florida's manatees."


Viviendo con los manatíes de la Florida

La calcomanía de manatí este año celebra un hito importante en la historia de la Florida -- el quingentésimo aniversario de la llegada de Juan Ponce de León en la costa este de la Florida. Este explorador europeo dio al estado su nombre "La Florida" -- la tierra de las flores -- y plantó los primeros árboles de naranja en el continente.

Mucho antes de que Cristóbal Colón reportó "sirenas" en el Nuevo Mundo y Ponce de León desembarcó en la Florida, los habitantes indígenos habían aprendido a usar los manatíes para comida, hacer herramientos y otros productos. La prueba de la existencia nativa del manatí en la Florida se encuentra en basureros tribales por todo el estado.

Hasta 1893, los nuevos residentes y visitantes de la Florida cazaron y consumieron los manatíes hasta que sus números estuvieron a punto de la extinción. Se aprobó una ley para detener la caza de manatíes, que finalmente fue seguido por los esfuerzos de conservación de manatíes de la Florida.

Hoy, 500 años después de europeos llegaron a la Florida, usted tiene la oportunidad de continuar con los esfuerzos para la conservación de una de las únicas especies nativas del estado, el manatí de la Florida. Su donación al “Save the Manatee Trust Fund” (fondo fiduciario para salvar el manatí) apoya la investigación científica, educación y administración para la conservación del mamífero marino del estado de la Florida. Gracias por su apoyo.

Para obtener más información, consulte “A boater’s guide for Living with Florida’s manatees.” (Guía de un navegante para convivir con los manatíes de la Florida. Sólo disponible en Inglés.)


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Springs Help Florida Manatees Survive
by Ann Marie Tavares

2011-2012 Manatee Decal ~Support Manatee Conservation~

Support Manatee Conservation
by Bekah Scovill

Manatee Decal 2010-2011 ~Safe Travels~

Safe Travels
by Ann Marie Tavares

2009-2010 2009-2010 Manatee Decal ~Rescue Me!~

Rescue Me!
by Deanna Parsons

2008-2009 2008-2009 Manatee Decal ~Protect Our Future~

Protect Our Future
by Austyn Bynon

2007-2008 2007-2008 Manatee Decal ~Now and Forever~

Now and Forever
by Natasha Thornton

Manatee's at Sunrise

Manatee's at Sunrise
by Donovan Foster

Manatee's in Nature

Manatee's in Nature
by Vivian Chiu

2004-2005 Manatee Decal

Waiting for Something
by Alicia del Aquila

2003-2004 Manatee Decal

Peaceful Waters
by Kathleen M. Finch

2002-2003 Manatee Decal

Peacefully Swimming Manatee
by Stephanie Lemos

I Support Manatees: 2001-2002

I Support Manatees
by JoAnne Thorne

2000-2001 Manatee Decal

Mermaids in Crystal River
by Dann 'Spider' Warren

1999-2000 Manatee Decal

by Tom Krause

1998-1999 Manatee Decal

by Tom Krause

1997-1998 Manatee Decal

by Tom Krause

1996-1997 Manatee Decal

Smiling Manatee of King's Bay
by Marcia Armstrong

1995-1996 Manatee Decal

by Tracy L. Nichols

1994-1995 Manatee Decal

by Pat Batchelder

1993-1994 Manatee Decal

Ours To Protect
by Georgia Murphy-Steadham

1992-1993 Manatee Decal

by Marrell Burgess

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