Scalloped Hammerhead Shark: Sphyrna lewini


  • Fifth gill slit shorter than 4 preceding ones and located posterior to pectoral fin base
  • Flattened head extending to hammer-like lobes on each side
  • Distinct indentation of the front margin of the head at its midpoint
  • Second dorsal fin longer than tail
  • Gray-brown to olive in color with white underbelly
  • Teeth smooth-edged
  • Pectoral fins tipped with black on the undersurface
  • Tips of first and second dorsal lobes and caudal also may have dusky tips
  • Pelvic fin with nearly straight hind margin


The scalloped hammerheard shark is found both offshore and inshore.


Scalloped hammerhead sharks are predatory fish and they feeding mainly on fish, squid, and stingrays.  Males mature at about 6 feet in length.

State Record:

This species is not currently eligible for a state record.

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Image Credit: Diane Rome Peebles

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