Lane Snapper: Lutjanus synagris


  • Color silvery-pink to reddish with short, irregular pink and yellow lines on its sides
  • Diffuse black spot, about as large as the eye
  • The dorsal fin centered above the lateral line
  • The outer margin of caudal fin blackish


Juvenile lane snapper are found inshore over grass beds or shallow reefs.  Adults are typically found offshore and are most common in south Florida.


Lane snapper spawn from March through September.  They are sexually mature at 6 inches.  Lane snapper feed on the bottom, eating crustaceans, mollusks, and fish.

State Record:

6 lb 6 oz, caught near Pensacola

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Additional Information:

Lane snapper are similar in appearence to  mutton snapper, L. analis. However, the anal fin is rounded in lane snapper and pointed in mutton.

Image Credit: Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
Freshwater catfish have many external taste buds on their barbels, so they use their sense of taste more than their sight to find prey.

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